Ookiversity: Ooki DAO Vote on Etherscan
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Ookiversity: Ooki DAO Vote on Etherscan


As we finalize the DAO transition the first DAO vote will be held on Etherscan while awaiting Tally integration

Ooki is in the final stages of becoming a fully decentralized DAO. As we explained in our previous Ooki DAO blog post Ooki will be moving governance and treasury fully on chain and handing control over the protocol to the community of Ooki token holders. In an upcoming blog post we will provide further details but for now we are happy to announce that the first vote to confirm the DAO transition will be taking place starting today

Ooki DAO will be integrating with Tally to facilitate on-chain governance processes through the Tally front end UI. The Tally integration with Ooki DAO is currently underway and should be released to the public soon. In the meantime, while we await Tally integration, Ooki token holders will be able to participate in the upcoming DAO transition vote directly through Etherscan.

Future Ooki DAO voting proposals will follow the standardized review process outlined in our prior Ooki DAO blog post (Forum, Snapshot, OnChain, Timelock). For this vote, we will be proceeding directly to onchain voting due to time constraints.

Vote to Transition to Ooki DAO

This is the first official vote to transition to the DAO. This vote is a live on-chain proposal which will give the timelock the ability to accept admin rights over the governor bravo contract. If this vote passes, then it will be the final action needed to activate the Ooki DAO. The transaction confirmation will make the timelock gain ownership of the governance contract.

Voting starts tonight at 10 PM EST and voting will remain active for a period of 3 days. After voting closes, if the proposal passes then there will be a 2 day timelock period until the changes go into effect.

Exact block of voting start/end time

StartBlock: 13065318

Estimated Target Start Time/Date: Sat Aug 21 2021 03:16:03 GMT+0300

EndBlock: 13085028

Estimated Target Date: Tue Aug 24 2021 04:06:12 GMT+0300

Vote Passage Requirements:

A total of 41.2m votes are needed to pass.

DAO Voting Contract:


Instructions for voting through Etherscan

Important note: Users must vote prior to staking, unstaking, or claiming again in the staking contract otherwise users will be ineligible to vote for any current proposals. This is due to a technical quirk with how our votes are tallied for a proposal in the current implementation of staking. In the future, I think we can improve on this behavior.

  1. Visit the Etherscan Contract URL.
  2. Click the Connect to Web3 Button and Connect to Metamask
  3. Go to Function number 12 castVote
  4. proposalId =1
  5. Enter the support value for the vote: 0 = Against, 1 = For, 2 = Abstain
  6. Click Write
  7. Approve your TX in the Metamask Window

Important Note: Metamask is wrongly calculating gas causing vote confirmation transactions to revert.