Ooki User Research Survey Results

Ooki User Research Survey Results


Last week Ooki held a user research survey and collected information about users of the platform in order to improve the Ooki product. Ooki's goal in conducting the survey was to perform user research in order to understand what Ooki users find most positive and negative about the Ooki product.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey! Ooki received over 79 responses and a wealth of information. Below is a short summary containing the survey results. Ooki values everyone's contribution. As a thank you for everyone who joined the survey Ooki will be airdropping a small thank you as a token of appreciation to users who met the necessary criteria.

Half of survey participants visit Ooki more than a few time per week.

The majority of Ooki users are using Ooki's "Staking" and "Margin Trading" functionality.

Overall users are highly satisfied with the experience using Ooki.

The most commonly used Ooki chains are Eth, and BSC followed by Polygon.

Most users agree that using Ooki for trading is easy and intuitive.

Users strongly preferred using DeFi trading platforms over CeFi platforms.

With respect to upcoming features, users were most in favor of: Permissionless listings and Options trading as the most impactful new features that would impact their platform usage. Users ranked these features with 5 most frequently, on a scale of 1-5, five being most impactful.

In conclusion, the survey results were extremely insightful in order to understand what Ooki users are most and least positive about. Overall, users appear to be pleased with the ease of use of the platform, having stated they find it easy and intuitive to use. Ooki looks forward to incorporating these results into future designs and future roadmap direction.