Ooki Updates: Optimism Liquidity Grant

Ooki Updates: Optimism Liquidity Grant


Optimism Liquidity Incentives Grant

[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Ooki Protocol
Project Name: Ooki Protocol Author Name: Ang Number of OP tokens requested: 700k L2 Recipient Address: Relevant Usage Metrics: (TVL, transactions, volume, unique addresses, etc.) Optimism alignment (up to 200 word explanation): Ooki is extremely aligned with the Optimism and looks forward to c…

Ooki has an ongoing governance proposal in the Optimism forum to request liquidity incentives following Ooki's upcoming deployment on Optimism. Ooki is requesting a grant of 400k OP tokens which will be used to incentivize traders, borrowers, and lenders to open new margin trades, lend out funds, and borrow on Ooki’s Optimism deployment.

If you're an Ooki community member who would like to see Ooki liquidity incentives on Optimism, then share your thoughts and support the proposal in the Optimism forum.

Ooki 2.0 is live on Ethereum and bringing all the latest features previously rolled out on Ooki’s L2 deployments.
Ooki is bringing Ooki version 2.0 to Ethereum along with all the latest features enabled by dynamically adjusting interest rates. Following successful passage of OOIP-11 on chain vote the Ethereum deployment has been upgraded to use the interest rates v2 algorithm. Here are a few examples of what ca…

Ooki was featured in Cryptodaily recently in an article discussing Ooki's new interest rate mechanism recently deployed on Ethereum. The article discussed the successful passage of OOIP-11 on chain vote. Here are a few examples of what can now be performed on Ooki’s Ethereum deployment thanks in part to the newly launched interest rate mechanism:

  • Removal of open position rollovers.
  • Dynamically adjust rates to ensure borrowers and lenders receive optimal rates when opening new positions on Ooki.
  • Target an 80% utilization rate and will keep pools optimally utilized.
  • Variable rate model, indefinite term loans, instead of fixed-rate loans with 28-day rollovers.
  • Dynamically changing rate curve.
  • Dex Selector.
  • Social Sharing.
  • Flash Loans.
  • New APE trading pairs and collateral types.