Ooki Updates: Dex Selector, Optimism and more

Ooki Updates: Dex Selector, Optimism and more

Community Contributor
Community Contributor

This week Ooki is releasing Dex Selector on Polygon, Ethereum, and Arbitrum! Learn how you can improve your trade executions by utilizing this helpful tool. Ooki also has a few ecosystem grant updates relating to Optimism, and APE community rewards!

Dex Selector

The Ooki Dex Selector lets traders choose which AMM they would like their order routed through. After selecting an AMM, the entry price and slippage values will update with the latest prices. This allows users to compare and decide which AMM will provide the best execution for their trade.

In this release, the UI will only display the option to route trades between Uni V3, and SushiSwap. Later Ooki will add support for many more trade execution sources.

Ecosystem Grant Updates

Optimism Grant Proposal Update

[DRAFT] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Ooki Protocol
Project Name: Ooki Protocol Author Name: Ang Number of OP tokens requested: 400k L2 Recipient Address: Relevant Usage Metrics: (TVL, transactions, volume, unique addresses, etc.) Optimism alignment (up to 200 word explanation): Ooki is extremely aligned with the Optimism and looks forward to c…

The Optimism proposal has proceeded to the next stage of Optimism governance. The proposal will now proceed to circulation in the Optimism Discord for community feedback and will then be included in the next Snapshot voting cycle on June 22.

APE Governance Forum liquidity incentives proposal

AIP Idea: APE liquidity incentives for borrowing and lending APE on Ooki
Abstract Two or three sentences that summarize the proposal. Ooki DAO recently released a protocol update enabling APE/ETH margin trading, borrowing and lending on Ooki.com Ooki is the first and only truly decentralized, DAO governed margin trading, borrowing, and lending trading platform to offer…

Don't forget to join the discussion and make your voice heard if you would like to see APE incentives added to the APE pairs on Ooki. A forum proposal is currently up for discussion and if enough community support is reached it will proceed to the next phase of governance.