Ooki Twitter Spaces Recap for September 1st, 2022

Ooki Twitter Spaces Recap for September 1st, 2022


In case you missed the Ooki Twitter Spaces here is a summary to get you caught up on the latest Ooki updates.

Marketing Updates

  • Ooki Arbitrum was paused temporarily earlier this week for the planned Arbitrum Nitro upgrade. This upgrade was successful and resulted in lower fees and faster transaction to Ooki’s arbitrum deployment. Fees now on Ooki Arbitrum are under ten cents for swapping and transferring.
  • Ooki was listed on Coinbase!
  • Ooki added to Crypto.com
  • Ooki is working on getting a blue check mark for it's Twitter profile!
  • Ookiversity blog post about DAO.


  • Ooki is working on a new update to the interest rate mechanism, and will be releasing more details on this in the coming days, along with a Snapshot vote followed by an onchain vote.

Marketing Initiatives:

Over the coming weeks, Ooki has a few upcoming marketing initiatives planned.

  • DAO speed dating.
  • Twitter Live Space with CCC.io (early Sep).
  • Binance Live Event on 16th Sep, 1pm UTC with $5000 worth of OOKI up for grabs. More details to follow soon.
  • Stronger promotion on the Asian market in near future.
  • Optimism Grant application.
  • Surprise

Development Updates


  • i-token as collateral:UI/UX done, now we are testing.
  • Working on improving the trading UI and preparing for limit orders.


  • Researching adding new price feed sources for PL.
  • Reviewing iToken-collateral.
  • Working on integration of stMATIC as a collateral for borrowing and margin. trades.
  • Researching new vaults to add as collateral in the future.


  • Updated input amount component.
  • Working on showing  latest protocol activity (trade, borrow, lend) at dashboard page.
  • Bitkeep wallet integration, it works with ethers.js, some issue with  0x web3wrapper.


  • i-token collateral, minimal interest, collateral swap testing.
  • Symbiosis integration.
  • Researching ways to make our ui decentralized.


  • Reviewing a lot of pull requests from Drypto. Lots of good stuff
  • Deploying itoken-collateral on arbitrum.
  • Deployed minimal interest rate on arbitrum.

That is all for the Twitter spaces recap and Ooki DAO updates for this week. Join us next time on Ooki Twitter spaces for more news and updates.

About Ooki Protocol

Ooki is a protocol for margin trading, borrowing, lending and staking enabling the building of Decentralized Applications for lenders, borrowers, and traders to interact with the most flexible decentralized finance protocol on multiple blockchains. Ooki is a fully decentralized, community-run DAO, governed by the community vote for all major changes to the protocol. Ooki users can engage in margin trading with up to 15x leverage using a fully decentralized trading platform.