Ooki staking launches on Binance!

Ooki staking launches on Binance!


Ooki is excited to announce that starting today, OOKI token holders can stake their Ooki tokens on Binance Liquid Swap and earn a 9.71% yield on staked Ooki tokens. With the addition of OOKI staking on Binance Liquid Swap OOKI holders now have more ways to earn a return on their OOKI tokens!

How to stake on Binance Liquid Swap

In order to get started with Binance Liquid Swap staking, just visit the staking page. Click on Add, and select the amount of tokens you would like to deposit. Then confirm your deposit. You will see the current pool size and total yield on your deposited OOKI.

Users can then select whether to add OOKI, USDT, or both. Adding funds to a liquidity pool carries certain risks. The number of Digital Assets you redeem may be different from the number of Digital Assets you add to a liquidity pool due to impermanent loss.

Once you have successfully deposited, you can claim your rewards by following the instructions here.

OOKI staking at Ooki.com

OOKI token holders can also stake at Ooki.com/stake. OOKI token holders who stake their OOKI tokens earn a portion of fees generated by the Ooki platform. The calculation of staking fees is as follows:

  • 50% of fees go to treasury contract.
  • 50% are distributed to Stakers.
  • Staking rewards are distributed to all users proportionally to how much they have staked of the total OOKI staked supply.
  • Total unstaked amount goes to OOKI/ETH LP providers on Sushiswap
  • Everything else goes to iOOKI, vBZRX, and OOKI.
  • Example: if 10% of total supply of OOKI is staked, then Sushi ETH/OOKI LP's gets 90% of fees.
  • Example: if 90% of total supply of OOKI is staked, then Sushi ETH/OOKI LP's get 10% of fees.
  • Users will soon be able to visualize how much OOKI is staked in the UI.
  • Statistics on current staking is also coming soon.