Ooki Staking and DAO governance

Ooki Staking and DAO governance

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Announcing Ooki Launch Stage 4 Consisting of OOKI Staking and DAO Governance

Ooki launch stage 4 is taking place today January 31, 2022 with the introduction of OOKI staking! Ooki Protocol enables users of the platform to earn a portion of protocol fees generated from margin trading, borrowing, and lending activity on the platform. In order to earn a portion of the fees, OOKI token holders must stake their OOKI tokens on the Ooki trading platform. Staking will only take place on the ethereum network.

Unlike centralized trading platforms, Ooki is a community run protocol with fully decentralized DAO led governance consisting of the growing community of OOKI token holders who can stake their tokens and participate in platform governance.

The calculation of staking fees is as follows:

  • OOKI token holders can stake their OOKI tokens to earn a portion of fees generated by the platform. The calculation of staking fees is as follows:
  • 50% of fees go to treasury contract.
  • 50% are distributed to Stakers.
  • Staking rewards are distributed to all users proportionally to how much they have staked of the total OOKI staked supply.
  • Total unstaked amount goes to OOKI/ETH LP providers on Sushiswap
  • Everything else goes to iOOKI, vBZRX, and OOKI.
  • Example: if 10% of total supply of OOKI is staked, then Sushi ETH/OOKI LP's gets 90% of fees.
  • Example: if 90% of total supply of OOKI is staked, then Sushi ETH/OOKI LP's get 10% of fees.
  • Users will soon be able to visualize how much OOKI is staked in the UI.
  • Statistics on current staking is also coming soon.

Staking Tutorial

Below are instructions explaining how to get started with OOKI staking. A total of four different tokens can be staked in the staking UI: OOKI, iOOKI, vBZRX, SLP OOKI/ETH. Visit our documentation to learn more about staking on Ooki.

  • OOKI token holders can visit Ooki.com/stake and click on “Connect Wallet”.
  • Then select “Stake” from the navigation menu.
  • Then stake tokens on the platform and confirm the transaction with a web3 enabled wallet.
  • Your staking rewards will start to be displayed on the rewards section of the staking page as they accrue fees in real time.

Stakers on the Fulcrum app will need to unstake and migrate their tokens to Ooki. More information explaining this in further detail is available on the Staking page under the migration section.


Any users who were previously staking Sushi LP tokens now need to unstake and restake their LP tokens on the new Ooki app. Please view the instructions below explaining how.

  • OOKI/ETH SLP stakers will also earn Sushi Onsen rewards once the Onsen rewards are activated.
  • Any users who have Sushi LP tokens staked must remove the staked liquidity, get back underlying pooled assets.
  • In order to create new liquidity tokens the steps are: Deposit new liquidity on Sushi in the OOKI/ETH pool.
  • Deposit the new liquidity tokens in the Ooki staking dashboard.

Ooki DAO Governance

Today's rollout also includes activation of OOKI token staking for participation in DAO governance. Users can participate in governance by visiting the Ooki Forum, and Ooki Snapshot page. Onchain voting will be released thereafter.