Ooki Launch Timeline

Ooki Launch Timeline


Ooki launch will be divided into three stages

Ooki is a powerful and fully decentralized margin trading, borrowing, and lending platform with a ton of features. The new Ooki protocol will be launched in three stages over the coming months. Read on to find out details on each stage of the Ooki launch.

Stage 1: Open Beta November 28th

Ooki Trading Borrowing and Lending available on Ooki.com

On November 28th, 2021 Ooki.com will be released and available to the public. Anyone will be able to use the Ooki UI to margin trade, borrow and lend. Ooki will be collecting feedback from early users during this stage.

Deploying on Ethereum, BSC and Polygon

Along with the new Ooki UI launch the Ooki protocol will be deployed on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and also on Polygon. This means that all users will be able to margin trade, borrow, and lend on all three chains.

BZRX Staking

During Open Beta, users of Ooki will stake BZRX on Ethereum to earn platform fees. This will be temporary until the BZRX to OOKI migration commences on December 18th during stage 3. During stage 1 the farming page will temporarily be unavailable on BSC and Polygon (but it will be re-enabled during Stage 3 when Ooki migration has started).

Stage 2:  December 8th

Ooki Landing Page, Socials, Marketing and More

Stage 2 of the rollout will be primarily dedicated to the launch of the full Ooki landing page, Ooki Shop, new Ooki social media accounts, and marketing announcements. The NFT Rollout will begin on the 8th as well.

  • Landing page: During this phase we will also launch the primary Ooki landing page and blog at hello.ooki.com.
  • Telegram: Ooki will be launching a new Ooki Telegram group called https://t.me/ookitrade

Stage 3: December 18th

OOKI Token migration commences

During the final phase of the launch users will be able to begin converting their BZRX tokens to OOKI, and also staking OOKI on ethereum, bsc and polygon to earn fees. During this phase exchanges will begin listing the new Ooki token trading pairs and performing the exchange migration. A few of the changes that will be enabled as a result of migrating to the new contract:

  • New ticker symbol (OOKI) to match the rebrand.
  • Updating token contract to enable the ability for DAO vote to mint/burn
  • Cheaper gas
  • Ability to increase total token supply and perform a 10:1 token split. So for each BZRX migrated, you will receive 10 of the new tokens.