Ooki Launch Stage Two: Introduction to Ooki

Ooki Launch Stage Two: Introduction to Ooki


Ooki is excited to release stage two of the Ooki phased launch timeline. Here is what you need to know.

TLDR: Ooki is a powerful and fully decentralized margin trading, borrowing, and lending platform with a ton of features.

In our last post the DAO discussed the staged rollout and what would be included in each launch phase. This article will cover all the features that will be available today for users as part of Stage Two of the Ooki Launch. Today’s launch includes the Ooki Landing page and blog located at hello.ooki.com and blog.ooki.com Additionally, users can also visit our new Discord, and Telegram Channels.

“Our vision for the Ooki is all about bringing cryptocurrency to a wider audience, a fresh simple look to the platform while still maintaining advanced trading tools for power users.”

What's New Today

Ooki Trading App

The new Ooki Trading app is officially open to the public following multiple rounds of beta testing and feedback. The Ooki app is a beautiful, streamlined, and modern interpretation of a DeFi hub for truly decentralized finance. Allowing anyone to borrow, leverage, loan and much more. Users have a convenient dashboard to get an overview and access each part of the application.

Ooki is also mobile optimized

The DAO designed Ooki to enable traders to confidently open new trades and make adjustments on the fly from the comfort of their mobile devices with a mobile optimized design.

Ooki Landing Page

The Ooki Landing page is an exercise in simplicity with playful colors and beautiful animations. When users think of the word Ooki, they will think of a simple yet powerful tool offering an incredible user experience.

Why the new Ooki landing page is perfect to onboard new users?

The Ooki Landing page is a great tool to introduce new users to DeFi in a simple and non-overwhelming or intimidating manner. Many DeFi products are geared specifically towards DeFi experts and this can turn away many new users who don’t feel that they understand the complicated interface of many DeFi platforms. Ooki decided to take a different approach on the landing page which makes it unique and sets it apart from almost all other DeFi margin trading, borrowing, and lending products.

Support For Multiple Languages

Continuing the Ooki theme of accessibility is the multi language support for communities to interact with native language content. The number of languages supported at launch include Japan, Korean, and English. Over time more languages will be added.  

Tutorial, Learn, Docs and Walkthrough Videos

Part of Ooki’s mission is to deliver financial independence by reinventing financial services for a decentralized future. In order to achieve this goal, Ooki aims to simplify crypto for a broader audience of new crypto users, this is why Ooki has a series of youtube videos and tutorials to help educate and explain crypto margin trading, borrowing, and lending concepts to new users. Furthermore, Ooki also launches with a learning center to explain Defi concepts and simple and easy to digest ways, and a new GitBook for documentation.

Commercials and NFT’s

Ooki commercials will be launching soon. Here is a sneak peak for some of the commercials the DAO created for a series of memeable commercials incorporating Ooki to share widely among the community for promotional purposes to raise awareness about Ooki in order to develop brand loyalty. We will also be releasing very limited edition NFT’s in collaboration with Rarible.

New Social Channels

Ooki is launching today with a brand new social presence, exploring opportunities to appeal to non-crypto users on non-traditional crypto marketing channels like Instagram and Tiktok. The DAO will also be harnessing our new brand to develop viral videos and campaigns.

Ooki Swag

One of the most fun parts of the launch was designing incredible Ooki gear so our community can represent their favorite crypto protocol with their friends. The new Ooki merch store has tons of Ooki branded products such as T-Shirts, hats, and mugs.

The merch store has a wide variety of swag branded with Ooki. Below are a few of our favorites.

What’s Next? Stage Three

The final stage of the rebrand is coming soon on December 18th. Here is a quick overview of other items to look forward to in stage three of Ooki launch: In our next update, the DAO will be activating the final stages of the Ooki launch timeline. This will include the launch of Ooki Token trading, and staking. Other updates will be the launch of the new Ooki Forum, Snapshot Page, Ooki Dao voting interface and much more.