Ooki DAO Community Goals Planning

Ooki DAO Community Goals Planning


Ooki DAO has compiled the discussions, proposals, and feature requests from the various Ooki community channels such as the forum, telegram, and discord. The Ooki DAO has combined all these together into a single blog post below (along with what is currently being worked on) so that the community can review all the ideas currently being discussed and under development.

The goal of the post is to spark a community discussion relating to the current roadmap and what Ooki should focus on next. Defining goals and priorities based on Ooki DAO and community feedback will help Ooki DAO succeed in improving the product for Ooki users.

In order to facilitate this Ooki requests that users vote on Ooki.canny.io to show support for features they are most interested in. In addition to voting on features, users can also suggest additional features by submitting these ideas through Ooki's canny page.

Ooki's previous blog post explained how canny would be used as part of Ooki's governance process, and how users can easily submit and vote on ideas. If you haven't seen it you can read it here.

Current Proposals on Canny

Current Proposals Under Discussion on Ooki.canny.io

  • Limit Orders (In Progress)

Limit Orders enable Ooki users to trade on Ooki using advanced order types typically only available on centralized exchanges. These orders are called "limit orders" and enable an Ooki user to enter a specific price above or below the current market price for an order to be executed at when the market price reaches the order price.

  • Permissionless Listings (In Progress)

Permissionless listings enable any user on Ooki to add a new trading pair. Currently in order for a new trading pair to be added, the requirements involve submitting a proposal through Ooki governance. Permisionless listing would streamline this process such that anyone can add a deposit and create a new trading pair as long as a price feed oracle is available.

  • stETH/ETH margin trading pair (In Progress)

stETH/ETH trading pair on Ooki enables users to increase leverage and earn a greater yield on stETH staking returns.

  • Volume based trading fee tiers (In Progress)

Volume base trading fee tiers enables Ooki users to receive discounts on trading fees based on the amount of trading monthly volume the user makes on the platform.

  • Deploying Ooki on EVMOS (In Progress)

Deploying Ooki on EVMOS would bring the Ooki protocol to EVMOS. This feature is in final stages awaiting Chainlink to support EVMOS price feeds.

  • iTokens as Collateral (In Progress)

iTokens as collateral enables Ooki users to open a loan, or a margin long or short position using an iToken as collateral for the loan or margin position. The benefit to users of enabling this feature is that the collateral will earn interest over time, and as a result it's value will increase. This will reduce the liquidation price of the trading position since the value of the collateral has increased.

  • Discounted protocol fees for Ooki token holders (In Progress)

This feature is similar to the discounted volume based trading fees feature. However, instead of reduced trading fees based on trading volume, this feature would instead reduce trading fees based on the amount of Ooki held in the users connected wallet. This has already been implemented on the protocol side and is awaiting UI implementation.

  • Configure interest rate curve depending on iToken collateral type (In Progress)

The launch of Ooki v2 consisted of a new interest rate mechanism with dynamic interest rates adjusting the interest rate curve depending on total pool usage. By default the new interest rate engine target 80% pool utilization. Ooki has begun work on a mechanism which would allow for the configuration of the interest rate curve on a per token basis.

  • Social Features (Planned)

Social Features is in the early planning stages and would consist of a host of features that make it easier for Ooki users to share their platform activity with other members and social media platforms, and engage with other traders on the platform.

  • Uniswap Leveraged LP's stablecoin pairs (Under Review)

Uniswap v3 leveraged LP stablecoin pairs consists of a leveraged liquidity provider position which would could be opened on Ooki to earn trading fees from stablecoin pairs. This feature is currently under review. The technical feasability of this is being investigated.

  • Deploying on Juno Network (Under Review)

This would consist of deploying Ooki protocol on Juno Network.

  • Linking ENS .eth wallet names and NFT's to Ooki profile (Under Review)

This feature would enable ENS domain holders to link their wallet names and NFT's to their Ooki profile so that after connecting a wallet they could see their ENS domain and any linked NFT's.

  • Creating user profiles on Ooki (Under Review)

This feature would allow users to create decentralized profiles.

  • Integrating with Aztek Network (Under Review)

This feature would deploy Ooki on Aztek Network in order to enable fully private DeFi trading. The technical feasibility of this is needs to be investigated.

  • Railgun Integration (Under Review)

This feature would deploy Ooki on Railgun Network in order to enable fully private DeFi trading. The technical feasibility of this is needs to be investigated.

  • Bitkeep wallet integration (Under Review)

This would integrate Ooki with Bitkeep wallet to allow users of Bitkeep wallet to interact with Ooki directly from the Bitkeep wallet.

Current Proposals in the Forum

Current proposals under discussion in the Forum:

  • Minimum Interest Rate for Borrowable Assets - Forum.

This feature is under development and will be released alongside iTokens as collateral.

  • reth/Rocketpool proposal - Forum.

This feature is not currently feasible due to price feed constraints.

  • Preparation of Financials - Forum.
  • Rethinking landing page design - Forum.
  • Pay with Ooki option for platform fees - Forum
  • Listing Ooki on Shopping.io - Forum

How to get involved:

If you're an Ooki community member who wants to get involved here are a few ideas for how to get started.

  1. Review the proposals above from the Ooki Canny page, and Ooki Forum. Leave comments and thoughts on ideas that you're interested in seeing Ooki work on, and help develop the features.
  2. Upvote features on Canny that you're in favor of seeing Ooki DAO develop.
  3. Post new features on Canny that you think would be great but are currently missing.
  4. Discuss and post ideas on the Ooki forum.

Ooki DAO governance process for Forum and Canny ideas

As discussed in the last Canny blog post, new feature request are the first informal stage in the governance process for Ooki DAO. Feature requests can be used to track support of a particular feature relative to other features, and can be a quick way to reference the current Ooki roadmap.

After users submit a feature request, they can share the idea with the community in our community channels in order to build consensus and support for the idea, flesh out idea features, and even reach out to the team and discuss implementation.

Then in order for a feature idea to proceed down the pipeline towards being implemented users can submit an OIP on the Ooki forum, which formalizes the details and provides additional information. Finally, after sufficient forum discussion, and community support, an OIP forum post proceeds to Snapshot vote, and then to On-chain vote to be finalized.

Updates to the Ooki Forum

The Ooki forum was recently updated to revamp how the forum posts are organized in order to improve the communities ability to view posts.