Ooki Community Roadmap Planning

Ooki Community Roadmap Planning


Ooki has integrated with Canny to streamline feature requests and roadmap planning.

Ooki users can now visit Ooki's roadmap and feature request pages at https://ooki.canny.io/ to participate in development and feature requests. Here are a few things you can do today to get involved:

  • Features: Submit a new feature request and add feature details and images that you want Ooki to develop.
  • Roadmap: Vote on existing features to help Ooki DAO prioritize which to focus on.

Read on for more information on how to use each page.


On Ooki's roadmap page, users can vote on currently planned features that have already been added to the roadmap. By clicking on a specific roadmap feature users can also leave comments on the feature details page.

The Ooki roadmap on Canny is currently divided into three sections.

  • Planned
  • In Progress
  • Complete

Feature Requests

On the Features page, users can let their voice be heard by submitting a post for a new feature they would like the Ooki team to add to the roadmap.

Users can also view all existing features, vote, and sort features by status such as "In Progress" or "Planned".

What do you want Ooki DAO to focus on next?

With Canny, Ooki users can now easily let their voice be heard and get status updates on what Ooki is working on. Here are a few feature ideas to get started with submitting your first Ooki feature request:

  • Stats Page
  • Limit Orders
  • Permissionless Listing: Ooki's primary focus is currently.
  • Bitkeep Wallet Integration
  • EVMOS deployment

What happens after a new feature request is submitted?

Feature requests are the first informal stage in the governance process for Ooki DAO. Feature requests can be used to track support of a particular feature relative to other features, and can be a quick way to reference the current Ooki roadmap.

After users submit a feature request, they can share the idea with the community in our community channels in order to build consensus and support for the idea.

Then in order for a feature idea to proceed down the pipeline towards being implemented users can submit an OIP on the Ooki forum, which formalizes the details and provides additional information. Then after sufficient forum discussion when necessary, an OIP forum post proceeds to Snapshot vote, and then to On-chain vote to be finalized.